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Top Ten Favorite Thrift Store Finds - Land of Lovings
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I LOVE to shop thrift stores. I mean, I really, really love it. My home decorating style is a bit, um, unconventional to say the least. Actually, my mom calls it “Tacky Chic” and I don’t necessarily disagree. But whatever your style is you can find the craziest cool stuff at thrift stores. Sometimes you just have to be willing to dig deep and think a little outside the box!

So, without further ado, here are my top ten favorite thrift store finds of all time.

1. Jesus and Mary and Angels, oh my! (Forgive me, Lord, if that was sacrilegious. But I do so love these.) If you’ve ever visited my dining room you know that I am very much into religious art. In fact, its kind of the theme for our dining room. And what better place is there to get that type of thing than Goodwill or charity thrift stores? Mary in the egg was one of my favorite finds. And her price tag? A wopping $3.

2. La-Z-Boy and 3. Slightly creepy medical poster – In the past I have been a huge snob about buying upholstered things at thrift stores. I just worried that they would be stinky and absorbent and full of bed bugs. But I made an exception for this chair. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Why on Earth would you make an exception for THAT chair?” Because, as it turns out, it was in great shape. Its a real La-Z-Boy chair. And just the kind of ugly we needed in our family room. It only set us back $20.

The creepy medical poster? LOVE it. That was one of those things where I spent more than I intended because I was afraid I would regret not buying it. It was $60. And I’ve since seen them on Craigslist and Ebay for $300+. The spine is made up of switches and you can turn each one on and see what part of the body it affects. It’s an awesome nightlight. And whether you think it is hideous or not the lesson to be learned here is that when it comes to finding wall art a thrift store is a fantastic place to look for things that you won’t find on everyone else’s walls.

4. Lockers – These are one of my favorite things in the house. They cost a whopping $25 a piece and were worth every penny. They initially didn’t have shelves inside but my handy husband fitted them with shelving and now we use them as our kitchen pantry. Fantastic.

5. Lighting – Okay, I technically didn’t get this from the thrift store since it belonged to my grandpa and I got it after he passed away but since everyone else in the family thought it was ugly it was sure to end up in a thrift store where I am sure some lucky person would have snatched it up. And how cool is it? Very cool.

6. Kid’s clothes – We have this really soft old vintage Copa Cabana tshirt I bought at a thrift store when Kai was Traveler’s age. All three kids have worn it and it gets better with every wash. This vintage kids’ dress is another awesome find. It cost me about $4 at the thrift store and it has been everything from a dress for Ivy when she was little to a cute little shirt to pair with jeans.

7. My Porcelain Ladies – I LOVE these. They were 25 cents a piece at a junk yard sale. How cool is that? And the one in the very back? She’s a lamp! She lights up right under her skirt!

8. Dishware – I have so many platters, plates, bowls and serving dishes that I’ve found at junk shops and thrift stores. I think it is a really fun way to get a cool (and inexpensive!) collection of dishware. This platter is part of a 10 piece set that I got for $12. I just love how retro they are.

9. Kiddie lockers – These were part of a liquidation from a daycare that was either closing or remodeling. They are the refrigerators for an old fashioned wooden kitchen set. And for $5 a piece we snatched them up to use as kiddie lockers for the homeschool room. They hold everything we need and look fun while doing it.

10. My most favoritest table EVER – This one we scored when our local Parisian’s was closing and selling off their displays. It wasn’t super cheap ($150) but I think it was a steal for a huge sturdy steel topped table that we have gotten so much use out of. It is perfect for crafting and now resides in the homeschool room where no matter what my kids put it through it is guaranteed to stand up to their abuse (as you can see by the super messy picture!).

So, that’s it. My Top Ten Favorite Thrift Store finds. For more Top Ten Tuesday, head over to Oh Amanda’s!

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