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They say it takes a village, right? (a.k.a. parenting advice needed!) - Land of Lovings
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I used to think that at some point you just got the hang of parenting and it ceased to be so much of a challenge. I just assumed that when it came to the little things it was all pretty standard and there was a one size fits all solution. I’m pretty sure the last time I thought that I was pregnant with my firstborn because I KNOW that I couldn’t have thought that after actually having kids. The thing about kids that you may not realize before you actually have some of your own is, they’re human beings. Unique, individual, different, challenging human beings. So you never really get the hang of it anymore than you can get the hang of dealing with the rest of humanity.

Case in point, my Juniper. You have never met a sweeter, more lovable girl. She is so easy to snuggle and she loves nothing more than to be in your arms. She’s laid back and happy. Unless, that is, you take away the one thing she loves the most in this world. Her mom. Or, perhaps more accurately, her mom’s boobs. She is a breastfeeding fiend. It was rough for a while because the child has never taken a bottle a day in her life. Not when I spent two whole days pumping enough milk so I could go on a date (I’m miserable at pumping). Not when I made Dr. Sears’ goat milk formula for her. Not when I broke down and tried regular formula. Or whole milk. NEVER.

But we muddled through that time because (and this is my M.O. for getting through tough parenting seasons) I knew it couldn’t possibly last forever. And I was right because she will now happily take a sippy cup. With watered down juice. Not milk in any way shape or form. Juice only. But, and correct me here if I’m wrong, I’m thinking when babies turn one they need whole milk, right? Or is that one of those mainstream parenting myths? Because I’m not quite sure what to do since she won’t drink milk or water on its own.

She still nurses on demand so I guess she’s getting most of what she needs that way but I can’t let go of the thought that she needs to be transitioning to some other kind of milk at some point. Unless I want her to breastfeed until she is five. And despite all my hippie dippy leanings, I do not feel like nursing her until she starts kindergarten. So, tell me, oh crunchy granola mothers of the internet world, does my baby need to transition to milk (breast, whole, almond, coconut, etc) in a sippy cup or is she okay to be nursing on demand and drinking a bit of super watered down juice in a sippy? I’ve truly never had a kid refuse to drink from anything other than, well, me. : )

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