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I don’t even know how to build up to this slowly so here goes.

Remember my confession about peeing on sticks? Well, I peed on a stick again. And it was positive.

Actually, it was more like 5 sticks. And they were all positive. But to be extra sure I broke them apart. And held them up to the light. And looked at them for days. 5 days. And they never changed. So….it looks like we’re having a(nother) baby!

To say we were surprised would be an understatement. I’m still nursing Trav. We’ve taken “precautions” every single time but one. I’m dead serious. In four months, we’ve thrown caution to the wind ONE time. ONE.

We’re very excited about having another little one to love and snuggle. And though this wasn’t exactly our plan it was (quite obviously) in Someone’s plan. So, we’re going to go with this and enjoy the crazy ride we’re about to be on.

I’m more than just a little bit nervous about the logistics. Because:

1. Trav is only 5 months old. FIVE MONTHS!!
2. We are still paying off the previous C-section because my insurance won’t cover me on maternity.
3. I have no idea how we’re going to squeeze 4 kids into this house.
4. Did I mention we still don’t have maternity insurance?

Let this be a cautionary tale for teenagers everywhere. Because, as it turns out, it only takes one lapse with birth control to get pregnant and it isn’t some sort of cumulative process. Just. so. you. know.

On a very serious note, we could use some major heavy duty prayers offered up for this situation. I know one way or another this is going to work out just fine. Even if I end up birthing this baby in the bathtub at home. Which, when compared to another $12,000 C-section, is looking like a distinct possibility.

At least I’ll have plenty of blogging material, right?

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