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The $4.69 skirt - Land of Lovings
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I’ve really been getting into sewing lately. And one thing I’ve been asked is whether I’m finding it cheaper to sew clothes than buy them. I think the answer to that question is: it depends.

It depends on the fabric, the pattern, and everything else you end up putting into it.

Because I’m just learning to sew it’s been pretty inexpensive. If you don’t count the cost of sewing lessons I made the girls’ Easter dresses for about $7.50 each. That includes the cost of the pattern. Unless I shopped Goodwill I wouldn’t have found a dress that cheap. So, yeah, in that case it was definitely cheaper.

This skirt is another example of an inexpensive item to make. I scored Simplicity pattern 2576 on sale at Joann’s the other day and found a sale on fabric at Hobby Lobby making this skirt just $4.69 to make. (50 cents for the pattern and $4.19 for a yard of fabric) Since my girls are just 3 & 5 their skirts and shorts really only require a little less than a yard of fabric to make so I could make them for even less money by finding cute remnants.

The best part is that the pattern I used is a very basic beginner’s pattern (great for kids!) and so it took me less than 30 minutes to whip it up. Ivy loved it and it was way cheaper that I could have found anywhere else. The really fun part comes when the kids can help pick out the fabric because it gives them a chance to express themselves and feel a part of the whole process.

I was telling someone the other day that half the time the cuteness of an outfit is 90% fabric choice. Which, I realize, is complete mathematical nonsense but you get my point, right? Choose cute fabric and a simple construction and you have easy & cheap clothes for kids!

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