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It’s been a long and stressful day for no particular reason. Just that mundane feeling of busyness that sits on your chest and keeps that deeply coveted breathe of calm out of reach.

Tonight after kids trickled off to bed (not until after 10 — whyyyyy??) I got a chance to sit in quiet and have a creative moment or two. I had found this large family Bible at a Catholic thrift store and snatched it up despite the fact that someone had rudely written its $4 price in black sharpie on the cover. I figured I would give it a little redo before putting it on our coffee table. I am by no means a painter but putting brush to canvas tonight felt like a good idea and I set about transforming this book. There was something so peaceful about sitting alone in the dimly lit kitchen working over this holy book that had sat in someone else’s home for years. It’s well preserved cover made me believe it was not an often used book and convicted me of how often my own Bible sits unopened beside my bed. It should have made me feel guilty or disappointed in myself. But with each stroke of paint on the cover I felt a renewing in my spirit and  a freedom from the expectations I had heaped upon my head.

I’ve been making a habit of praying through the Anglican rosary as a way to still my thoughts and calm my mind in times when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Tonight the words that echoed through my mind as I painted,

All shall be well,

All shall be well,

And all manner of things shall be well.

It was a hope. And a promise. And a deeply heartfelt prayer.

Doing a renewing work is such a deceptively simple task. Whether the change is big or small it all starts with the first overwhelming step. Renewal lives on the other side of that step and we have the chance to take it daily.

I think that is why at the heart of all of my creative endeavors there is a theme of re-creation. I love making something new out of something discarded. There is such hope in that act of renewal. Perhaps it’s because I hope that I, too, can find that renewal daily in my own life. Tonight it was simply the renewal of this sacred book. Tomorrow, perhaps, the continued renewal of my heart and spirit and further progress on the journey to becoming the person I am meant to be. 

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