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Okay…its been a long, long time since I blogged. Here’s what you missed:

Juniper’s first Halloween (she was an owl!)


And Traveler was Braveheart…


My obsession with painting peg dolls for our handmade Christmas!


2012 started with a bang and its been one wild and crazy ride but we managed to sneak away to Disney for a few days.


We’ve celebrated birthdays for Traveler, Juniper, Kai and after one more birthday (Ivy!) in a few weeks we’ll get ready to plan the big summer birthday bash. I can’t wait to plan the party this year!

I’ve missed this space so much for the last few months and since my super sweet & talented husband gave my blog a make-over I thought it was about time I sat down and updated. I keep promising myself I will be better about updating. And hopefully it’s a promise to myself that I will finally keep…

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