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Plan Toys from Ebeanstalk: Review - Land of Lovings
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When the folks at Ebeanstalk offered to send me a toy to review I was intruiged. Because my kids? They are tough on toys.

Ebeanstalk is a really cool site that I was familiar with long before they ever contacted me to review toys. It has big selection of quality kids toys with unique things you won’t find other places. The toy they ended up sending me, the Activity Bus from Plan Toys couldn’t have been more perfect to send our way. And it was much needed on the day they sent it because it kept the girls busy and gave me no less than one full uninterrupted hour of peace. Perfection!

More and more I’ve been trying to buy old-fashioned toys. You know the kind. The ones made of wood with quality parts. Ones that don’t require AAA batteries or complicated instructions to play with. Which is why I loved this toy.

Plan Toys are great because they’re wood toys and incredibly well made. They’re green, educational, and (most importantly) fun! The bus was adorable and turned into a classroom, too, so it was multi-functioning. It actually reminded me a lot of the Waldorf style toys (though more colorful) because it allowed for more imaginative play than some of the plastic loud sing-song toys that have only one way to play with them.

The girls loved the little people, the desks, and all the possibilities the bus offered. I loved that the toy was one I could feel good about the kids playing with. Actually, I’m anxiously waiting on them to add infant toys to their line so I can pick up a few for Trav to play with!

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