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So, Kai has been studying Pilgrims as part of our lessons recently. She had the choice for her class this week to give a report on any aspect of Pilgrim life. And what did she choose? Why Pilgrim “fashion” of course!

For her report she wanted to dress like a Pilgrim for school and I was happy to oblige. Any excuse to get dressed up, right?

I scored big time at the thrift store and found a long brown women’s skirt from Anthropologie (size 0 so not much altering to do!) and paired it with this strangish blue coat that was clearly pretty vintage and just had a Pilgrim vibe to it. I made her apron out of an old King size sheet (the sash is the band at the top of the sheet – it worked perfectly and was much less sewing) and the bonnet was from an old pillowcase. I had some fabric scrap that I used to make the Pilgrim pocket (since they didn’t have pockets in their clothes like we do) and we were set. The whole outfit cost $5 to make and she was super excited!

Plus, we made these Pilgrim hats & bonnets from Martha Stewart to hand out to the kids in the class. It was a huge hit!

(If you’re making the Pilgrim hats & bonnets you can use posterboard instead of the cardstock paper she suggests in the How To. I ended up cutting out the boys’ hats and instead of using a the long paper band she suggested I used a small width elastic I had lying around to make a headband to keep the hat on. They turned out adorable!)

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