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Here’s a list of the most memorable moments from our recent trip to the great state of Indiana.

1. Forgetting a razor and shaving my legs with shaving cream, a baby wipe, and the sharpest razor known to (wo)mankind in the parking lot of Scott’s grocery store minutes before I went to meet my great aunts. Yes, I really am that classy.

2. The moment where I realized we’d left the hotel for dinner with a child with no shoes, a child who had not buttoned her pants and was flashing the lobby, and a stinky baby who’d just spit up all over me. Oh, yeah, and we’d forgotten the room key inside the room.

3. The Great Midwestern Monsoon of 2009 in which Indiana got 6 inches of rain all in the 20 minutes it took us to load the children from the Cracker Barrel into the minivan.

4. The screaming & crying episode that took place at the table in the local greasy spoon the minute Ivy realized she had to “Poooooppppyyyy” really badly and would be forced to use the world’s nastiest bathroom. You haven’t lived until you’ve had 75 strangers stare at you while your 3-year-old screams about poop.

5. Driving down a remote farm road surrounded by miles and miles of corn on our way to an “American Girl Doll Clothing Store” that turned out to be in someone’s converted garage. Once we worked up the nerve to go in we were shocked to see 400 pairs of doll shoes, several hundred handmade outfits, dolls, furniture and more! That was one crafty and talented lady!

6. Eating at Cracker Barrel 10 times in 5 days. Okay, maybe it was more like 7 times. But it felt like 15 times.

7. Stopping at Dinosaur World in Kentucky on our way home. I’m saving those pics for my Wordless Wednesday!

8. Realizing that 90 is the new 40 after meeting my mom’s friend, Fern. She had more energy at 90 than most people do in middle age.

9. Discovering that the further North we go the more Southern my accent becomes. It’s like I turned into Brenda Lee Johnson the moment we crossed into Indiana.

10. Perfecting the skill of nursing a screaming baby who is buckled securely in a car seat while someone else drives just so we don’t lose time on the road. I’m sure there are quite a few fellow travelers we shared the road with who wish they could unsee that sight.

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