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Nashville Day Two: Maybe we should have quit while we were ahead? - Land of Lovings
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Oh, Day Two. You had to make it difficult didn’t you?


So maybe I didn’t check to see if the observatory was open on Mondays and we just headed there. That one is my fault. It’s the risk of that whole spontaneity thing I was talking about yesterday. But we found a quaint (albeit slightly boring) Agricultural Museum to visit. There were lots of opportunities for cool pics though so that’s always a win!

We also took a brief tour of Nashville thrift stores and scored an awesome and appropriately creepy Madonna & Child porcelain bust to add to my collection.

IMG_0872 IMG_0882 IMG_0891 IMG_0896 IMG_0906

The real trouble came later on when one of the kids got what seems to be a stomach bug. But, hey, at least they waited until we got to a restaurant to throw up. And now I don’t have to worry about checking “Clean up my kid’s puke from all over the bathroom stall of a Tex-Mex restaurant” off my bucket list. Hooray for that. (In related news, the restaurant did not have a spray bottle of disinfectant to give me to clean up the massive vomit storm and suggested I just wipe it up ¬†with a towel. And THAT, my friends, is why you always hover over a public toilet seat! ?)

The above mentioned bathroom adventure meant that we needed to pay a visit to the in-hotel laundry. Which was fine except someone left a package of kids menu crayons in a pocket and, well, now ALLLLL of our clothes have been adorned in a crayoned Ombré effect. Ahhhh, adventures.

Tomorrow we head out to the Adventure science museum and The Dyer Observatory (assuming no one else falls victim to the mystery puking virus) and our bar is set pretty low for a successful Day Three…

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