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Just pretend this is November 1st and this won't seem so late... - Land of Lovings
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So, Halloween happened. Like 2 weeks ago.

I know. But, I’ve been busy. So bear with me here. Because I know all half a dozen of you are dying to see what my kids wore for Halloween. I mean, really, who isn’t, right?

Well, pine no more. Here are pictures from our Halloween.

Kai, desperate to be a witch or anything that breaks our “no evil costumes” rule, chose to be the White Witch of Narnia. I called her the White Queen of Narnia so it felt less like I had caved in to her demands to be something scary. I felt like it was an okay choice since the Chronicles of Narnia are “Christian” literature. At least until Thomas reminded me that The White Queen/Witch actually killed the Jesus character in those books. So, yeah. Way NOT to stick to my guns on that one. I made her costume from an old wedding dress I got at the thrift store for $6. It was perfect and she made a great White *ahem* Queen.

And then Ivy…

Ivy chose to be her favorite character from her favorite movie of all time. She was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Love it. She was so stinking cute! I made her dress from a bunch of fabric scraps so she’d look like the rag doll Sally. I think it turned out really fun. See?

And Traveler? Well, considering he is well into the monkey phase of toddlerhood it seemed only appropriate that he dress the part.

And there you have it. Halloween. Let’s hope I can blog about Thanksgiving sometime before March…

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