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Remember this?

I knew it was just a matter of time before I was forced into a horribly awkward situation. And it finally happened.

Because my daughter’s bestest friend in the whole wide world a.k.a. the daughter of my mortal enemy  (pardon the over-dramatization) invited Kai to her birthday party. And so the gauntlet was thrown down. As I saw it I had exactly two options:

a.) Go and fake being an emotionally healthy person so my daughter can go to her BFF’s party.

b.) Be a terribly petty person and not let my daughter go because I can’t deal with confrontation.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t loving my options.

But in a quest to become a healthier, better person I RSVP’d yes to the party and planned to take Kai with a big (fake) smile on my face. At least until the night before the party. At which point, I began to beg Thomas to stay home from work so he could take Kai (it was a weekday party).  He agreed to do it but I’d have practically had to sell my soul to him for it to happen. He was asking for some big compensation. And I considered it. Boy, did I consider it.

But, in the end, I went to the party. Which was either because I’m becoming a spiritual giant or because I didn’t want to “give up the goods” to my husband every single day as many times a day as he requests for 30 days. (Hint: It wasn’t that I was becoming a spiritual giant.) I told you he was asking for a lot. I guess he knew what it would take to get me to be a big girl and take our daughter to the party.

And a crazy thing happened at the party.

I was nice. She was nice. And suddenly the whole situation got much less terrifying.

Don’t get me wrong. I doubt we’ll be spending Girl’s Night Out together painting each other’s toe nails and curling each other’s hair, but we were civil. Actually, we were even better than that. We were tentatively friendly to each other. And that’s a pretty huge step for me.

So, even though we won’t likely be best friends any time soon at least we can be big enough to let our girls be best friends and not let our past get in the way of their future.

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