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(alternately titled: Excuse me a moment while I whine…)

This has been a crappy week. Both literally and figuratively. In the last week we’ve:

– had a beautiful old tree (my daughter’s favorite climbing tree) cut down by landscapers accidentally and discovered it would cost $4000 if we wanted to replace it.

– been informed that we have a bootleg septic tank which is now failing and will ultimately cost us $8000-$10,000 to fix. And it needs to be fixed now since we have a muddy pit of sewage in the backyard.

– blown a tire and had to put 2 new ones on the van.

– had a horrible case of food poisoning (both Thomas & I) from an apparently toxic meal at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants.

-learned through a scary near miss that the brakes on Thomas’ car have to be replaced and since we can’t afford it right now we’re back to being a one car family.

-come home to discover that one of the cats has decided to start using my clothes for a litter box. Despite having a perfectly clean litter box at her disposal.

I’ve always heard that bad things happen in three’s. And, honestly, I wish these things would just happen 3 at a time. I need things to calm down soon so I can come up for air.

I promise to try and see the silver lining tomorrow. Or the next day. In the meantime, I’m taking today to feel sorry for myself and get my Zoloft prescription refilled since it ran out today. Nice timing, huh?

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