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I'm Tackling a Mountain (of Laundry, that is) **Giveaway** - Land of Lovings
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If there is one domestic chore I am terrible at staying on top of it’s laundry. If I told you how many times I had to dig for clean clothes for every member of our family you would be horrified. Truly.

In fact, just this morning my husband scoured the house for a clean pair of khakis because I’d apparently forgotten to wash anything but dark clothes for the last, oh, 4 loads. True story.

And if you saw the mountain of clean clothes on top of the washer and dryer? Yeah, you’d probably think I’m the worst housewife ever. (And, I’m not sure you’d be too far from the truth.)

The thing is, I don’t actually mind doing laundry. In fact, I like the actual process of washing/drying. But the putting away? That is the part that throws me off every time. And I end up dreading the putting away process so much that I avoid laundry altogether.

I’m trying to get better. Really. And today I’m tackling the laundry. All day. I’m not stopping until it’s under control. But, I’m wondering if maybe you can help a girl out?

I just recently got a chance to try a bottle of Sun Burst Laundry Detergent to help me out in my laundry endeavors. And they want you to have a chance to try it, too!

First, though, I’ll tell you a little bit about what I thought about it. My favorite thing about it? It’s cheap. I mean, inexpensive. Because I totally hate spending money on soap. I mean, after all, isn’t that literally throwing money down the drain? But I also hate clothes that don’t smell/feel clean. So, when I discovered that this stuff did a great job, smelled good, and was super cheap? I was sold on it. It’s even HE compatible which is awesome.

So, if you’d like to give it a try here’s your chance. I’ve got 5 coupons good for one FREE 45.4 oz bottle of liquid detergent or one 49 oz box of powder detergent in any scent. And all you have to do to enter to win is help me with my laundry. No, really.

Leave me a comment below with your favorite and most helpful tip for getting laundry done or staying on top of laundry and you’ll be entered to win!

So, go ahead, give me your best tips for controlling the laundry monster.

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***This giveaway (and all comments) will close Friday, July 10th at 2 p.m.***
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