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How to Make a Rain Stick - Land of Lovings
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Since we’re studying the weather, I’ve been looking for some cool weather related craft ideas for Kai to do. One of the coolest ones I found was the Rain Stick craft. It was easy, fun, and not something that made a big huge mess in my dining room (not that I’m opposed to big huge messes in the name of creativity).

It didn’t turn out stunningly beautiful (it’s the process not the product, right?) which, of course, could be because we didn’t quite follow all the instructions. But we did have a fun time making the rain stick and it lasted a whole 48 hours before being completely destroyed by my kids.

Supplies Needed:
Duct Tape, Paper Towel Roll, Scissors, Rice, Toothpicks, Paper, Stickers, Paint, Ribbons, etc. (and one super cute kiddo!)

Trace the ends of your paper towel roll (or 3 toilet paper rolls) and cut out small circle to create a cap on each end.

Seal up one end by taping the cap down onto the paper towel roll.

Insert toothpicks at various locations/angles on the rain stick.

Add rice to the tube and seal up remaining end.

Break off ends of toothpicks and wrap tube in duct tape.

Add stickers, paint, glitter, and ribbons.
Shake it up and enjoy the sounds of the rain!

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