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How to freeze blueberries. - Land of Lovings
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This weekend we picked up 12 lbs of blueberries in support of a local American Heritage Girls troop fundraiser. I just can’t say no to kids in uniforms who plead with me to buy them things. I’m a sucker.

But, since blueberries are one of those fruits you can use for everything I felt like I was buying something useful and wholesome.

Still, 12 lbs? There are only so many blueberry pancakes you can make. And since I don’t have a clue how to make jelly or jam I decided to freeze them. In the past, freezing berries hasn’t gone so well. I had a strawberry experience that resulted in a giant iceberg of strawberry. Not good.

Then I read a how-to on freezing berries and I just thought I’d share. Just in case I’m not the only person in the world who has experienced a big clumpy mass of frozen fruit as a result of freezing endeavors.

So, here you go. Get a pen. This could get complicated.

1. Wash berries.

2. Drain berries.

3. Spread berries on towel lined cookie sheet.

4. Put in freezer.

5. Wait.

6. When frozen remove from freezer and put berries nicely in bag or freezer jar!

Can you believe how easy that is? Now, does anyone have any advice for what to do with the 23 cucumbers we harvested from the garden this weekend?

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