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Y’all, I am seriously getting tired of this. I was feeling pretty good about things yesterday. Despite the flooding basement. And the carbon monoxide leak. And the need for a new HVAC unit. And the looming septic to sewer conversion. And the mold in our duct work. Oh, yeah, and the newest problem of losing all water pressure inside the house if the hose is running outside. Let’s not forget that one.

But, like I said, I’ve been hopeful. And, no, it’s not because I’ve been drinking. It’s because we are hiring a professional organizer. And we’ve got the 1-800-GOT-JUNK people coming to clean out the basement and get rid of some of the mold. Plus, we had someone who gave us some good (and considerably less expensive) options for temporary fixes for the issues we’re having.

And then…

We found a 6 foot black snake in the chicken house. Say it with me now. OMG! YUCK! GAH! OH NO! And other (more colorful and less family friendly) expletives were uttered.

Guess what it costs to rid your property of a snake? After hours (which is – of course – when we found it) it costs $275. TWO-HUNDRED-AND-SEVENTY-FIVE dollars. During normal business hours? $225. For one snake. And let’s throw in another $500 to remove the luxury snake habitat that was generated by the landscaper from hell’s refusal to remove the debris left behind when he cut down the beautiful Japanese Maple he wasn’t supposed to touch.

Yay! Yard waste and snake removal. Just what I wanted to spend an extra $725 on.

(On the plus side, the Hallmark Movie Channel showed Summer Magic tonight and I caught it on the DVR. I think I’ll go sing along with Haley Mills and pretend all these problems belong to someone else.)

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