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Finally a toy everyone can enjoy! (Mega Bloks Review) - Land of Lovings
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We’ve been in a dry and barren toy wasteland lately. We’re close enough to Christmas that I hate to buy anything and yet I have this busy crazy toddler who is bored to tears with all of his “baby” toys. Thankfully, I got the chance to host a Mega Bloks party thanks to the fine folks at Mommy Parties and one of the coolest parts was getting two HUGE boxes of Mega Bloks toys!

I never grew up playing with blocks as a kid so I never considered buying any for mine. (Is it weird to grow up never having played with blocks? MY husband certainly thinks so…) I’ve seen the block aisle at our local big box toy store but I just couldn’t imagine my kids playing with them. As it turns out, I was totally missing the boat.

The party was super fun with several good friends and a wide age range of kids. Despite the fact that my girls had been begging me to break open the two huge boxes of Mega Bloks we’d gotten they and the rest of the oldest of the kiddos took off and played with anything but the amazing buffet of blocks we had available. The littlest kids LOVED the blocks and played with them the entire time. At the time I assumed it was just that they were more for young toddlers than preschool aged kids and was thrilled to know I at least had some things my littlest would play with.

But, when the dust settled down a bit and the chaos was over I was surprised to find my older girls (6 & 4) playing happily alongside their brother (20 mos.) with the Mega Bloks cars and blocks. It isn’t often I find toys they all enjoy together but these seem to have done the trick!

We got countless chunky MegaBloks cars, dump trucks & buses for them all to play with, the very cool Mega Bloks Play & Go Table, and a huge set of Mega Bloks classic blocks. (We even had an awesome pirate ship that we got to raffle as a door prize and that went to my friend, the lovely @Dewdette!)

The great thing about all of these is my kids mix and match and play with them all together. The table is awesome because you can pack the blocks up into it and hide them away. My favorite thing about the cars/buses/dump trucks was that they could easily transition outside. In fact, my carport is currently scattered with all manner of Mega Bloks vehicles at this very moment. Of course, the classic blocks are fun for building and they’ve also been used as everything from missiles to pretend cell phones when they’re not actually building with them but as long as they are happy, quiet and enjoying their creative play time who am I to care? I’ve been so happy to see how long these have held their attention and I’m glad to see they haven’t been shoved in a corner & ignored.

Mega Bloks even sent us several catalogs to peruse and my kids have taken every opportunity to make them into full color Christmas wish lists of toys they want Santa to buy them this year. I must say, much to my surprise, that this Mega Bloks experience has made me a huge fan of blocks and I know there will be a few kids in this house getting some of the goodies from the Mega Bloks catalog for Christmas!

(All opinions in this post are 100% my own and based on my family’s actual experience with the product. A sample of the toys were provided for the purpose of review.)

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