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eBeanstalk toy review: Nest & Stack Buckets - Land of Lovings
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I’ve mentioned that I am terrible at choosing baby toys, right? I always go for the most complicated and (apparently) un-fun toys available because they are always snubbed by my kids. But, one of the cool perks of blogging is that I get sent new toys to review. And very often they are toys I never would have chosen on my own.

For instance, the Nest & Stack Buckets that I got the chance to review thanks to eBeanstalk. I would never have chosen these mostly because they are so simple. But, as it turns out, simple is a really good thing when it comes to baby toys because Trav loves these stacking buckets. In fact, all three of my kids love these.

They stack them, use them to “stir” their make-believe meals, wear them as hats, use them to amplify their voices, & a thousand other things that I never would have thought of just by looking at the picture on the outside of the box. They love them. Which means I love them. Traveler, in particular, has fun playing with them for long stretches of time and it has served as a reminder to me that the most basic baby toys are usually the best. He’s learning to stack, to sort, to put the shaped blocks through the right size hole, and most importantly to play his own way with an open-ended toy.

If you’ve got an older baby/young toddler this is a perfect toy to introduce colors, sizes, and sorting. And if you’ve got older siblings to your little one you might find that even they can find creative ways to use this toy, too!

(eBeanstalk provided a Nest & Stack Bucket set for the purpose of reviewing.)

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