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Circus, Circus! - Land of Lovings
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I loved this party. I think it was my favorite of all of our parties. I liked it better than the Luau. Better than the Pop-Art Party. Better even than the Faerie party and the Pow-wow.

If there is one thing I love to plan it is birthday parties. We decide on our theme for the party by January usually. And we concoct all kinds of crazy ideas for it. Then we execute said crazy ideas 24-48 hours before the party. Because we like it a bit manic around here.

The Circus theme was so much fun to plan! If you are looking to plan a Circus party there are a wealth of ideas on the internet. My friend, Mama the Reader, had some great links to a Circus parties that I found inspiration from. We also found so much inspiration from The Winding Road.

So, without further ado, here’s our take on the Circus theme!

The Invite –

Thomas designed a Circus poster style invitation for the party and it really set the tone for everything that was coming! As much as I prefer printed invitations I just don’t have it in me to sit down and address and mail 40 invites. So, we did this as an email invite.


The Costumes-

What would a party be without costumes? And thanks to my amazing sewing teacher I was able to make these great little costumes for the kids! Kai and Ivy were the tightrope walkers. Traveler was a clown.





The Food –

We tried to keep it simple with the food. Actually, that’s a lie. We had a huge menu planned. And out of necessity (and lack of time) we simplified it. In the end we went with hot dogs, apples with caramel dip, cupcakes, cakes, candy, candy and…what else? Oh yeah, candy. We actually had a Candy Bar for the goody bags. We bought TONS of old fashioned candy and put them out in glass containers and let the kids fill up old-fashioned popcorn boxes with as much candy as their little hands could carry. I also made a couple of little cakes and decorated them like Circus tents.



The Decorations –

This was my absolute favorite part. If someone would pay me money to come up with funky homemade/old-fashioned decorations for their parties I would be a happy woman. Because this is such fun. Okay, so we wanted the feel to be colorful and so our goal was to transform the carport into a circus tent. We used canvas drop cloths and painted red stripes on them to create the look of a tent. I picked up some fun colorful curtains at a thrift store and a couple of bright colored crib sheets (I’m all about repurposing. And being cheap.) and I used them to create a pennant flag thingy. I never can remember what those things are called. We also made a crazy fun “CIRCUS” sign out of letters from the craft store, rhinestones, and a cheapo mirror from Walmart (Yes, I know I said I was never going there again. But, I did. *sigh*)



Last, but not least, we had an awesome magician (Thank you Tommy Johns!) He was so engaging for the kids and grown-ups and made the whole event spectacular! If you’re looking for a magician in the Atlanta area I highly recommend him! (And, no, I’m not being compensated to say this!)


So, there you have it. The Loving family Circus party. We felt so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family come and celebrate the kids’ birthdays. It was a fantastic day!

Oh yeah, and here is my favorite picture of the day. Thomas dressed as the Bearded Lady and a friend who shall remain nameless got their picture taken in the photo booth. Is it wrong that my husband felt so at home in a dress and wig? Or that I thought he was totally adorable as the Bearded Lady? I sure hope not…


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