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Part of my New Year’s Resolution was to get better about our homeschool structure and curriculum. So, I set out to find a schedule and structure that would work for a family that didn’t really do structure and schedule. Turns out that is harder to find than I thought. Most of you homeschoolers out there have it way more together than I do!

The Waldorf-Steiner educational philosophy has long been something I found fascinating. I love the emphasis it places on the role of imagination in learning and it’s focus on the coordination of education with the rhythms of everyday life. If I had my wish (and money was no object) I’d have them enrolled in the Atlanta Waldorf School in a heartbeat. I really truly think this philosophy of education breeds imaginative, innovative free thinkers with a love of learning. And that is an approach to education I desperately want for my girls.

Since we’re not ready for fork over $10k for Preschool/Kindergarten right now, I set out to find an inexpensive (or free!) Waldorf style curriculum to use for our homeschool trial. Since Waldorf doesn’t really emphasize a strict curriculum for pre-school and Kindergarten I found a site that has great information on Waldorf philosophy as well as some of the stories, fingerplays, songs, and crafts that make up it’s early curriculum.

I’d been avoiding tackling this project but with the help of the links I’ve included above I’ve managed to create a great Waldorf style rhythm that works for both girls.

Part of Waldorf is having days of the week being designated for specific activities. Which means Mondays are now Baking Days, Tuesdays are Watercolor Days, and Wednesdays are Clay Days. This gives the girls a chance to know exactly what creative exercises we’ll be doing on what days and allows for a bit more structure and predictability in their schedule.

Since it just seems impossible for me to fully commit to a schedule, Thursdays are “Wild Card” Days and Fridays are Field Trip Days. I need just a little wiggle room in our schedule so this seemed like the best compromise.

I feel great having finally gotten this part of our life organized, structured, and down on paper! I can’t wait to see the difference it makes in our homeschooling weeks!

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