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I actually made reusable diaper wipes and diaper wipe solution.

Yes, I am aware that my life is too hectic already with two little ones and that I am not the most organized mom around. Yes, I realize it will increase my laundry significantly.

Though I wish I could say I did it to make the world a better place by contributing less trash, it’s not entirely true.

Yesterday, I was fed up with high gas prices and high food prices and high everything prices. I was tired of going through baby wipes like crazy. I was tired of spending all our money on things that seemed “wasteful.”

In all honesty I had a bit of a “George Banks” moment from “Father of the Bride.” I was thisclose to tearing hot dog buns out of the package so I don’t pay for one more thing I don’t need.

So, in this moment of mommy madness, I cut up a flannel sheet that we never use and made myself some reusable wipes. I found a cool site with recipes for diaper wipe solution here.

I think we’ll only use them for faces, hands, and the easy no-mess diaper changes (if you know what I mean). But, still, since Ives is already potty training it should make the average pack of wipes last much longer.

Sure, I’ve only really saved us a few dollars a month, but it is a greener alternative and I feel a little better knowing I’ve done something to make a difference in our quest to save more and waste less.

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