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Artful Friday: The Recap - Land of Lovings
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Our first Artful Friday was last week and even though it was just the girls and me it was really a fun day.

We started out reading Leonardo the Terrible Monster which is a great book about not-so-scary monsters and then we set out to make our own not-so-scary monster friends.
Styrofoam eggs & balls, paint, glue, glitter, & BBQ skewers were our materials and the girls used them with enthusiasm!

Even though it nearly killed the control freak in me to do it, I let them have complete control over how they made their monsters. I didn’t tell them where to put the eyes or how to glue the hair. And you know what? I think they came out even better because I kept my hands off!

See what I mean?
This week we’re doing a dad-themed book/craft in honor of Father’s Day (shhh…don’t tell Thomas) and I’ll post pics next Monday!

Got any cool summer arts/crafts ideas for kids? Feel free to post suggestions/links in the comments!

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