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Because there is some law against us having even a single dull moment around here, we made a trip to the ER last night. Kai decided last night around 6:30 that she’d attempt flying. From the top bunk of her bed.

Actually, she was leaning over the side to see if she could look into her sister’s bunk and she flipped over the side. And onto her head. She managed to bust her face up a little and hurt her neck and back, too, so we headed out to the ER to rule out any head injuries. It may have been overkill but falling onto her head from a 6 foot high bunk-bed made me just a little nervous. I’m a bit overprotective that way.

I was pretty nervous about what they’d say since she looked like I’d just socked her in the mouth but they were super nice and apparently see this thing an awful lot. Kai got introduced to the wild world of X-rays and CAT scans and was just fine. At least she was until our third full hour in the ER when she realized she was starving because we hadn’t had dinner and she spent the last 45 minutes crying “OMG.OMG. OMG. I’m starving, starving, starving.”

I know they say these things happen in three’s but I’d love it if we could avoid that outcome. Call me crazy but the ER isn’t exactly my idea of a good time.

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