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A few thoughts on (my) Baby's 1st Christmas presents... - Land of Lovings
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The first Christmas is the hardest one for me. I look forward to it. Shop like crazy. And build it up in my head as the best Christmas ever. Inevitably, all of my children have ended up sleeping through the present opening and being completely disinterested in everything I got them. So, this year I’m trying to think a bit simpler about Trav’s first Christmas. I’ll be picking up a few little toys and some more practical items and hoping that I can actually get the combo right. And in case you’re interested in what a total non-expert is picking up for her baby’s first Christmas, here is my guide to (my) baby’s first Christmas presents:

1. Something to sort, play with, and chew on. Aren’t those a baby’s three most favorite playtime activities? It’s definitely my baby’s three favorite playtime activities. So, here a few of the chewy, sorty playthings he’ll be getting this year.

Playskool Wheel Pals Racing Fleet, $18.99 — I got the chance to try the garden themed version of these out a couple weeks ago and Traveler loved them. They’re simple and chunky and perfect for little hands. Plus, I love that they feel very boyish since this is the first time I’ve ever gotten to buy boy toys!


Toss ‘n Play Crazy Ball, $26 — I love this ball! It’s soft, colorful, and made by a momprenuer. What’s not to like? I think it’s going to be a great little toy for Trav to play with!

Egg & Cup and Peg & Cup Montessori baby toys, $10 — I love these little toys. They are so simple and are great for developing fine motor skills.

2. Something to sip on. When I did a totally informal Twitter poll of what other moms give as a baby’s 1st Christmas present sippy cups were high on the list. And I think it is a pretty great idea and I’m totally stealing it for this year. I’ve been researching good BPA-free cups and here are a couple that look like they’d be good for a transitioning baby.

Thinkbaby Trainer Cup, $8.99


NUBY BPA Free Flip-it Straw top sippy, $6.99


3. Something to wear. Babies (my babies, at least) are always in need of cute clothes. And for the 1st Christmas I like to take advantage of the limited time period when I can able to buy them clothes as a present without them complaining. So, Trav is getting a few cute things to wear this year. Etsy has a ton of great sellers who have the most adorable baby clothes. Not the least of which is this cowboy onesie from bambinamia. You have to check out their store because they have the most adorable things for babies and toddlers!

Six Shooters Onesie, $18

Yoda hat, $25 — Okay, so Trav already has this, but if you’re looking for an adorable hat for your little one you have to check out this Etsy store. It is hands down my favorite! Not to mention, every where we go people stop us and tell us how much they love this hat. And if you’re little one is more the Princess Leia type she’s got one of those hats, too!

So that’s it. My not-so-revolutionary gift guide to a baby’s 1st Christmas. Stuff to chew on, stuff to sip from, and stuff to wear. We’re keeping it simple this year. And I like it better already.

(Dear FTC, all items in this list are things I have picked out on my own for Trav’s 1st Christmas. I did receive Playskool Wheel Pals to try beforehand and have since purchased a set on my own. I was not paid for any reviews in this post. Love, Me.)

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