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I am not a runner. Not. At. All.

You know that picture on the internet that says “If you see me running, call the police?” That’s me. I faked sick or my period nearly every day of middle school to avoid P.E. because I am the most unathletic person you will meet. No exaggeration.

But, my husband? He wants to run. So we signed up for the Couch 2 5K program. And today before church was our first official running day.

I want to say I loved it. Because I love Nike’s marketing and the empowered running women they feature. I want to love the wind in my hair and the calm, rhythmic sound of my feet pounding on the pavement. The only problem is…I hated it. I hated every single second of those 25 minutes running. But I did it. Or (here’s to you Nike) I just did it. Hindsight being 20/20, I have identified a few rookie mistakes made.

1. I didn’t stretch. So now? I can only take strides as long as my feet. Fun times.

2. I didn’t have running shoes. And I didn’t want to go out and buy running shoes (given my tendency to always sometimes give up on exercising fads in my life) so I decided to run barefoot. Heck, that’s what all the cool kids do, right? Wrong. I have 4″ x 2″ blisters on the bottoms of my heels. More fun times.

Those two things combined with being at the park on a Sunday morning with four kids made this not my favorite new exercising adventure. But, my husband loved it and I love him so back to the park we go on Tuesday. I will say that I felt darn good after we got done. You know, aside from not being able to walk properly. And I figured, heck, I hated red wine the first time I tried it, too, but I got used to it. And look at all the fun I would have missed out on if I’d given up on that!

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