Happy Birthday Eryn! **updated**

It is my baby sister’s 21st Birthday and since I am the nerdy big sister, I decided to make her a Happy Birthday pin. So, this morning somewhere in between taking the kids to school and drying my hair I made this pin. My pics are crappy (as always) but she was working the pin and made it look super cute. She promised to get me a pic of her wearing it today ’cause it looks totally adorable on her. See what I mean? She made it look cute!

It was totally easy to make. I just bought some fat quarter fabric at Joann’s and a bag of little wooden discs for crafting and glued it up. The “Happy Birthday” is a fabric appliqué that actually came from the scrapbooking section. It glued up fast and easy and she wore it all day. It’s actually a pretty fun idea for kids and I can’t wait to make them for the girls’ birthdays.

Here’s another pic of her modeling the pin and the finger knit scarf/necklace thing I made for her. (The scarf actually doubled as a really cool bow for her present. Oh how I LOVE finger knitting!)

She’s too cute. And doesn’t look even remotely 21. Which she will appreciate immensely when she’s almost 30 with two kids and a minivan.

Lest you think me a terribly dorky and out-of-touch sister who gives finger knit scarves and crafty pins for a 21st bday present, check out her real present. I got her a set of these from Crate and Barrel which are so totally fun (who doesn’t love anything miniature?) and her very first Cosmopolitan mixer kit!


  1. What is finger knitting?

  2. Finger Knitting is too fun! I learned it so I could teach it to my 4-year-old to help with her dexterity and build strength for pre-writing skills and ended up enjoying it myself! You can read how to do it here: http://www.wikihow.com/Finger-Knit

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