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This month Young Living is giving away an addition oil (YAY for Cedarwood!) in their Premium Starter Kits making it a total of 12 awesome oils in the kit! That’s in addition to the diffuser, samples, literature, and extra roller bottle top and small bottles to share with friends. It is a super exciting month to grab a kit!

The Premium Starter Kit was how I started with Young Living and I started using mine 5 minutes after I brought that box in the door. I was so excited to get into those oils! Since then we use ours every single day and I thought I would share just how useful those sweet little oils are by making a list of 20 awesome uses for your kit! If you have things to add to the list I would love to see them in the comments or join our FB group The Seed & Soul Collective and share with us there!

Here we go:

  1. Diffuse them! This one is obvious but it is so awesome. The first thing I did when I opened my kit was plug in the diffuser and drop about 8 drops of Stress Away in there to help calm the chaos of my crazy house. Some other great combos for the diffuser that can come just from the starter kit are:
    • Purification and lemon – great for ridding your home of odors. I diffuse it when I’m getting ready to clean house!
    • Cedarwood (this month only!) and Lavender – probably my favorite combo of all. This one melts away all the stress. So grounding and good.
    • Thieves and Peppermint – smells delicious and promotes focus and immune support.
    • Lavender and Stress Away – my oldest daughter diffuses this every night before bed.
    • Copaiba and Lavender – another nice chill-out combo. (I’m sensing a theme here. We must crave more chill in the Loving house!)
  2. Make your own bug repellant. I use a 2 oz. bottle like this one and let each of my kids have their own but you can always adjust the ratio for a larger bottle. I fill the bottle 1/2 with water, add a bit of witch hazel (just eyeball it until the bottle is 2/3 full) and then 10 drops purification, 10 drops lavender, and 10 drops peppermint.
  3. Create a sleepy-time roller bottle. My kids each have one of these and they use it on their feet every single night before bed. It’s like nighttime magic for them and they love having the calming smell of lavender as they go to sleep. I use roller bottles just like these¬†and fill 2/3 with fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 Oil and then add 15 drops of lavender or 10 drops lavender and 5 drops cedarwood. Then I inevitably steal their bottle after they sleep to help me relax before bed, too! ūüôā
  4. Make a tummy remedy. Another great roller bottle recipe! I make a roller bottle with Peppermint and DiGize to help support my family on those days when we are struggling with tummy troubles. Peppermint is great for nausea and the blend of oils in DiGize makes for a great calming support to your digestion.
  5. Replace your Poo-Pouri (bathroom) spray. We love the Poo-Pouri spray for the bathroom. With 7 people in the house, though, it gets a little expensive to keep buying the store bought version. And when I started using Young Living I hated the thought of creepy yucky toxic chemicals so I set out to make my own. It’s easier than you think!¬†The tutorial here is what I used. It’s great stuff!
  6. Make an awesome massage oil. PanAway was the last oil I opened in my kit. I didn’t really think I would need a muscle rub because I am not an athlete and don’t exactly strain my muscles on a daily basis. But, oh how wrong I was. PanAway is fantastic! I use a 10 ml roller bottle filled 2/3 with coconut oil and add 15 drops of PanAway and 5 drops of Copaiba and apply it to my sore muscles and recruit a volunteer (a.k.a. husband) to massage my aching neck! I’m obsessed with the stuff now!
  7. Replace your household cleaner with a green alternative! I love making homemade cleaners and have been using Vinegar around the house years. Thomas complained that the house started to smell a little bit too much like the Olive Garden so when I started using essential oils a household cleaner was definitely on my list.  I use a 16 oz. glass spray bottle like this one and add 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup distilled water, 30 drops of Thieves oil, and 10 drops of lemon. Shake it up and use all over the house!
  8. Make a carpet freshener. To a mason jar add 1 cup baking soda and 20 drops Purification. Mix it up and sprinkle onto carpet and let sit for 30 min to an hour before vacuuming.
  9. Make a refreshing eye oil. I love adding Frankincense to my beauty routine. (Did I just say beauty routine? HAHAHA. I mean my basic mostly-daily face washing. Nothing fancy here.) I add a drop of Frankincense to a few drops of Argan oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil like this one and apply it around my eyes. It smells amazing and my face looks refreshed and soft!
  10. Create an “After Sun” spray. I’m a redhead and despite my best efforts I still burn nearly every time I go out in the sun. This summer I got a particularly nasty sunburn and found that if I filled a 2 oz. spray bottle 2/3 with water, add a couple splashes of witch hazel, and 10 drops of Peppermint + 5 drops Lavender it made a really nice after sun spray. I used it on my skin every time my skin¬†felt tight and painful¬†and by the next day my skin felt so much better!
  11. Make a refreshing air spray. One of my absolute favorite combos to have on hand is Purification and Lime. Now, Lime isn’t in your PSK but Lemon is and it makes a great pairing with Purification as well! I add about 8 drops Purification + 7 drops Lemon (or Lime) to a 2 oz spray bottle filled 2/3 with water and a splash or two of witch hazel. It makes for a really nice spray to refresh the air, your sofa, or even to spritz on your face on a hot and sweaty summer day. I carry mine with me and spray the kids and myself off throughout the day.
  12. Make a “deep breathing” roller. I have always been an anxious person (even as a kid) and a couple of my kids suffer from the same tendency toward anxiety. I love that Stress Away comes with the PSK and we have created a few roller bottles for the kids to have on hand. Plus, the kit comes with an AromaGlide roller filament which allows you to transform your bottle of Stress Away into your own personal roller bottle. Just the act of taking a deep breath and inhaling the scent of that oil can be therapeutic since it forces you to stop, be present, and take a nice deep breath. It works so well for the anxious folks in my family.
  13. Make a non-toxic homemade chest rub for respiratory soothing during colds and the flu. I love having this on hand going into the fall and winter months when we tend to get the majority of our colds and coughs. Homemade Mommy has a great tutorial that we love.
  14. Use to help with headaches. Peppermint can be a great support to those days when your head seems to pound non-stop. I like to dillute a drop or two (or make a roller bottle to keep on hand) and rub it onto the back of my neck and on my temples to help me shake a nagging headache.
  15. Make a milkshake or smoothie. Did you know you can add the Vitality oils to your food to boost flavor and give you the benefits of those oils? I love adding Peppermint to a chocolate smoothie or Lavender to a homemade batch of Lemonade like in this recipe.
  16. Make a fruit and veggie cleaner.  Add 1 and 1/2 cups filtered or distilled water, 3/4 cup organic apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp baking soda, and 10 drops of Lemon to a 16 oz glass bottle. Use to spray on and clean your fruits and veggies before cooking.
  17. DIY Toothpaste. My husband was a little apprehensive about this one. But I like it and I think it is a great way to get the benefits of Thieves oil on a daily basis. You need 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup baking soda, 10 drops of Thieves, and 10 drops of Peppermint. Mix together and enjoy!
  18. Refresh stinky smelly shoes. Okay, so with 5 kids who play outside all day long we have a lot of stinky smelly shoes around this place. Adding a drop or two of Purification to the inside of my kiddos shoes makes sure they don’t stink to high heaven and makes me a happy mom.
  19. Make a Thieves hand purifier. I’m not a huge fan of hand sanitizers and my kids always ask for one to use when we are out and about. I’ve started using this recipe (though I also add some Peppermint to it) and they love it!
  20. Wear in a diffuser necklace. My kids and I all have a few different diffuser necklaces (even Trav has a “manly” leather one he loves!) and wear them during the day so we can enjoy our favorite oils and blends everywhere we go.

So, that’s it. My 20 ways to use your Young Living Premium Starter kit. There is literally not a day that goes by that we don’t use an oil or blend from our kit and I love knowing I’m helping to support my kids’ health in a natural and non-toxic way. If you have other questions about how we use oils, why we love them, or how to get started please feel free to message me! I love talking about this journey that we are on and why it has been so valuable to us!

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