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On the importance of self-care.

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One of my biggest pet peeves is selfishness. I hate it in myself. I worry often that my decisions are selfish. As a mom, I hate to see it in my kids. It’s my biggest irritation at the self-love/self-esteem culture that I feel gets way out of control. However, what I am learning this year is that selfishness and self-care are NOT the same thing. For years I have neglected certain things in the fear that taking care of them is selfish. And I’m not talking about mani/pedi type stuff….read more


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It’s firefly catching time again. The southern Summer heat has wrapped around our city like a hot wet blanket and the sun has come out to play for longer hours each evening. And as dusk descends the landscape is peppered with the blinking lights of mating fireflies. My kids, bug haters on any other day of the year, squeal with glee and run to get jars to trap these flying twinkles of light. They place them gently and lovingly into their clear glass jars. They watch them. And marvel at them….read more

Previously on Land of Lovings…

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It has been such a long, long time since I’ve been present in this place that I’m not even sure I know how to write anymore. I feel so foreign at the keyboard. My fingers seem to be dragging the words out of my brain like some literary taffy pull and it isn’t a fun feeling. For as long as I can remember I’ve had writing. It has been my way of processing the events that swirl around me. It has allowed me to create order of the chaos that…read more

On grieving.

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I’m finding the grieving process to be more complicated than I anticipated. What I want is to come to terms quickly with the loss we’ve experienced and wrap my heart around it and move on to happier days. That’s proving a bit difficult for a couple of reasons. First, it’s hard to grieve with a house full of kids and a life that doesn’t stop and wait for you to be sad. Pushing past emotions to get on with “life” has become the easiest way to get through the day….read more



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Mother’s intuition is a funny thing. When I discovered I was pregnant on Mother’s Day of this year I was beyond excited. We’ve wanted to add to our family for some time now but nursing a toddler has made things a bit irregular and I’ve not really been my usual fertile self. Either that or it has something to do with 34 having come knocking on my door this past birthday. I was thrilled when we finally got the positive pregnancy test but from the beginning I was more worried…read more


Just a little housekeeping….

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Since I’m thinking about being more present in this space again and stepping back into blogging, I’m taking care of some housekeeping around here. Because so many past giveaways included signing up for an email subscription as a mode of entry and since the scope of my blog is very different and will not include giveaways again I’m clearing my email subscriptions for two reasons. 1. It prevents all of you who don’t care to know the day to day life of my family from being subjected to my crazy…read more


Smells like…what?!

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This boy of mine is a charmer. And he has me thoroughly wrapped around his little finger. But one of the things I love the most about this little man is that I never really know what to expect from him or what new crazy thing is going to come out of his mouth. Case in point. One morning this week he came into my room as the house was waking up and he crawled right up into bed with me. He snuggled up beside me, looked me in the…read more


I wasn’t prepared for this.

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There are lots of things I have found myself unprepared for in my parenting journey. Hard to answer questions about life and death. The “birds & the bees” talk. Poop in the bathtub. You know, the BIG stuff. But they all pale in comparison to this newest experience. One word, friends…BALLS. Traveler asked us about a particular part of his anatomy. And we explained what that part is. And so that is how he came to be running across the Olive Garden to see his Nina (Grandma) and yelling at…read more


My week. A recap so I remember it all…

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This will be boring for those of you who don’t care to obsessively follow the goings on of my kids & family. But one of the reasons I love to blog is so I remember everything 5 years from now. Or, to be honest, even 5 months from now. It is amazing how the beautiful moments slip by disguised as the mundane… So, this week: Juni discovered the joy that is Southern Fried Chicken. And boy did she go to town. And Kai begged me for some new “church” shoes….read more